Ah. I’m married. It sounds better in my head that it does coming out of my mouth.
Yes. Really.
I’m still getting used to saying “I’m married.” “My husband.” “Mrs. Keller.” It’s super weird and super wonderful and more than I thought it was going to be.

Since I’ve gotten married, I’ve learned to appreciate the responsibility that you take on once you’ve become a Mrs. Granted, my opinions on marriage and family are probably different than yours, but our common ground is that the foundation of a Family is Love.

I will preface this blog with saying that my husband, Ben, and I are a Christian family unit. We believe that Christ’s love, through His sacrifice at dying on the Cross at Calvary, is *the* foundation of our marriage and our lives separately and together.

But I will also say, I’m the world’s worst Christian. So if you want to learn more about grace and how much I’ve earned and not deserved, make sure to subscribe