For you

Thursday. It’s always a day of excitement for me. Tomorrow is Friday, you’re almost done with the week. Just two more days until the weekend. It’s like waiting for Christmas! 

Tonight I have reached a point of total surrender. After my husband and I had a long discussion about a few things we had to discuss (aka married people talk), I went to clean my kitchen and that’s when I heard it. 

That small voice in the back of my mind. It kept saying “for your thoughts are not my thoughts. Your ways are not my ways. My ways are far above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts.” Over and over again.

The most unfortunate part is that sometimes, the people around you don’t think that’s enough. Sometimes you are surrounded by people whose faith is so small that it slowly starts to break down your own faith. 

But fortunately, God is bigger than the people around you. Gods thoughts are bigger than your thoughts.

I’ve been having the worst week at work. From confrontations with coworkers to being screamed at over and over by customers, it’s just been awful. But, in the midst, I tried to stay positive, I tried to keep my cool. But today, Thursday, my Christmas Eve, I lost it. And I feel so guilty. 

I try to keep Christ first. In every single way; in my marriage, in my own life, work life, family life, every relationship… I try to make Christ and His love and His kindness and grace a priority but today, human error took over. Flesh got the best of me.

Looking back on my day, I noticed I’ve missed His thoughts. I’ve missed His ways. When flesh takes over you become so chaotic and you miss out on the things God has for you, I missed what God had for my day. And if I don’t watch it, I will miss what God has for my life. 

Because of that thought alone, what God has for my life, I will make it a priority to continue to repeat to myself “His ways are higher than mine, as are His thoughts above mine”. I don’t want to continue to miss out. 

My advice to you is to tune out the negativity and the distraction around you. It’s easy to join in when people are complaining, it’s easy to feed into the chaos, but be the resistance. Be the person who, though her voice be small, is heard in a room full of distraction. Ask God to steer you to His ways and ask Him to direct your thoughts to His thoughts. He’s the only one who holds the future, Hes the only one who knows the “why”. 


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