Joyfully I will fold

Another late Wednesday night means that I have once again finished my wifely duties. Wednesday’s are my chore day. Clean every room in the house, do the laundry, FaceTime my sister, grocery shop for things I forgot on Saturdays trip, and fold the laundry. 

Every Wednesday since we have been married I have made it a habit and well known fact that Wednesdays are my “just let me get it done, I promise I love you all but my priority is my house and home” day. And most Wednesdays I make sure to have a hot meal for my husband waiting for when he comes home. (Sometimes it’s leftovers and sometimes it’s cereal. Most of the time it’s home made something or other). 

During my Wednesday party a la duties, I get the laundry done. I use the same detergent with its matching fabric softener. I also wash the towels last so they can sit in the dryer over night and wait for me to fold the next day. Hey, what can I say? Dry towels in the dryer don’t freak me out, however, wet towels in the washer do! 

Once I finally settle down, I take my hamper full of freshly washed garments and I sit and fold. As each pile grows so does my heart. Why? Because I am privileged to fold my husbands clothes.

I’ve come to recently realize that I have a purpose in making sure his jeans are clean, his button ups are hung and his socks matched. Tonight as I sat down to fold I became extremely overwhelmed with joy. Joy. Because I am folding my husbands clothes. I am finally a wife. My whole life I tried to search for my purpose and my reason. And through many, many failures, I came out successful. I learned how to be a woman, I learned to be the woman my husband would marry, and I am learning to be his wife. This purpose is more than I could have asked for. Sure, it’s not my sole purpose, but right now, folding laundry, this is the moment I have looked forward to. I have the privilege to do these things for my husband. I have the privilege to set my husband up for success. I have the privilege to take away from his plate instead of adding to it. I have the privilege to be his wife, his partner, his best friend. Nothing in this world will match this specific moment. 

Take it from a newbie, smile while folding the laundry. One day, you will be too old to even lift a sock, let alone 34 length blue jeans. One day it will all fade away and someone else will be doing the laundry. So, go choose a detergent in a  new scent and launder away, friends! And if you mix colors and whites, it’s not the end of the world! 


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