Everyday when I wake up and before I go to sleep, I make sure all of our dishes are washed. I don’t know why it bothers me so, but it’s something that I make sure is done everyday. I would probably pay someone to make sure they were done if my arms were broken. It’s something that is very normal. It’s habit. 

One morning, like every other morning before work, I was squeezing Dawn onto my aluminum pad, ran it under water and as I washed my Stainless Steel Teflon pot I looked outside. As soon as my eyes reached the window I heard a still, small voice say “Have you tried forgiveness?” And it hit me. It’s a thought that pressed so precisely into my heart that I spent the whole day in thought about it. 

What if every morning and before I went to bed I chose to forgive? What if I made it normal? What if I made it a habit? 

This morning Pastor Chad, the pastor at Calvary Church (where Ben and I attend) spoke on bitterness. Through each point and scripture he spoke I shook my head, knowing that through my own personal guilt I was joining every person in the room in shame. As Pastor Chad placed Christmas balls with causes of bitterness on a sad looking pine, I found myself realizing even more that each “ball”, each cause, needed the powerful cure of Forgiveness. 

Ben and I find ourselves more and more realizing that certain things don’t deserve our time and attention. There is a person in our lives who has treated us both very poorly and we habe tried every remedy the Bible has given us; except for forgiveness. We *didnt realize* that the one remedy, cure, blanket, peace giving, powerful point of joy is forgiveness. The ONE thing. 

So, as I finished the dishes, I said a silent pray for peace to know what to do and how to forgive. 

I need to acknowledge my own personal mistakes in the relationship, the ways I didn’t act as Christ would have wanted me to. I need to pray to Jesus as many times as I need to keep that Forgiveness habit in the forefront of my mind. And I need to breathe. Because we are all human and God’s grace will cover my mistakes if I ask. I just need to be careful. And keep up with the New Habit. 



Ah. I’m married. It sounds better in my head that it does coming out of my mouth.
Yes. Really.
I’m still getting used to saying “I’m married.” “My husband.” “Mrs. Keller.” It’s super weird and super wonderful and more than I thought it was going to be.

Since I’ve gotten married, I’ve learned to appreciate the responsibility that you take on once you’ve become a Mrs. Granted, my opinions on marriage and family are probably different than yours, but our common ground is that the foundation of a Family is Love.

I will preface this blog with saying that my husband, Ben, and I are a Christian family unit. We believe that Christ’s love, through His sacrifice at dying on the Cross at Calvary, is *the* foundation of our marriage and our lives separately and together.

But I will also say, I’m the world’s worst Christian. So if you want to learn more about grace and how much I’ve earned and not deserved, make sure to subscribe